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Wheelchair cycles

Wheelchair cycles

Suitable for those who cannot power a cycle independently but love the thrilling sensation of cycling.
  • Easy-to-ride wheelchair tricycle
    –   The pilot (driver) has the controls (steering, gears and braking) and sits at the back of the tandem
    –   The stoker (passenger) sits at the front to experience the thrill of cycling and enjoy the stunning views of the New Forest
    –   This configuration means that communication with the passenger is much easier as the pilot can see them
  • Wide wheelbase
    –   Stable when stationary or moving
    –   Pilot does not need to be able to balance –passengers of all sizes can be carried without fear of over-balancing
  • Secure passenger seat
    –   Five-point vest and safety harness, head support and footrests (ideal for passengers with little or no core strength)
    –   Child’s supportive seating system available

On the PedALL fleet:
–   2 x Draisin Plus
–   Pilot seat suitable for 12+ years
–   Passenger seat suitable for 3+ years

N.B.: Wheelchair users must be able to transfer or be transferred from wheelchair to cycle

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