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  • Wheelchair cycles Wheelchair cycles
  • Platform bike Platform bike
  • Go-kart Go-kart
  • Mountain bikes Mountain bikes
  • Hand cycles Hand cycles
  • Upright tricycles Upright tricycles
  • Side-by-side tandem Side-by-side tandem
  • Rear-steer tandem cycles Rear-steer tandem cycles
  • Semi-recumbent cycles Semi-recumbent cycles
  • Recumbent cycles Recumbent cycles
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Upright tricycles

Upright tricycles

Great for balance if you are getting (back) into cycling.

Fixed/free transmission
–   Pedalling can be set to fixed wheel (bike travels in direction of pedalling i.e. if riders peals backwards then bike travels backwards)
–   Effective in teaching pedalling to riders with a learning disability or autistic spectrum disorder
–   Pedalling can be set to free wheel (more suited to uneven ground to allow for periods without pedalling)

Wide wheelbase and low centre of gravity
–   Stable when stationary or moving
–   Ideal for riders with poor balance
–   Minimal risk of over-balancing

Supportive seat
–   Wide, supportive back-rest
–   Rider can be strapped into the seat with Velcro straps (ideal for riders with limited core strength)

Strong and reliable
–   Strong wheels and mountain biking tyres – ideal for New Forest cycle tracks

On the PedALL fleet:
–   1 x Draisin Neon (suitable for 4-14 years)

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