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  • Wheelchair cycles Wheelchair cycles
  • Platform bike Platform bike
  • Go-kart Go-kart
  • Mountain bikes Mountain bikes
  • Hand cycles Hand cycles
  • Upright tricycles Upright tricycles
  • Side-by-side tandem Side-by-side tandem
  • Rear-steer tandem cycles Rear-steer tandem cycles
  • Semi-recumbent cycles Semi-recumbent cycles
  • Recumbent cycles Recumbent cycles
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Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes

See the forest on two wheels. Aspirational for some - just great fun for others!
  • Sizes to suit everyone from 5 years-105 years of age
  • Step-through frames available for those who have less mobility in knees and hips
  • Plush suspension forks to make your ride even more comfortable
  • Wide tyres and large ‘29er’ wheels for extra stability – perfect for New Forest gravel tracks

On the PedALL fleet:
–   4 x Giant mountain bikes (suitable for teenagers and adults)
–   2 x step-through mountain bikes (small, low frames to make getting into the saddle as easy as possible)
–   1 x Frog bike – awesome bike for kids from 4+ years

Mountain bikes are available for hire from several vendors across the forest:

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