Pass the Pedal sponsored relay ride

Brockenhurst to Burley – 15th May

When: Wednesday 15 May 2019
Where: Start: 8.30 for 9.00 departure Brockenhurst Village Hall SO42 7RY (parking on site).
Finish: 14.30 for 15.00 medal ceremony Burley Yard, Lyndhurst Road, Burley.
Parking at Lucy Hill car park.

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Due to the Coronavirus situation we are holding off from riding until further notice.

We are hoping to be out again soon please keep checking this space for news. 

Hopefully we will be through the worst of this soon and will be able to get out on our bikes. Please stay safe, follow government guidelines and look out for those who may need help.

Cycling for all abilities

Cycling for all abilities

Inclusive cycling sessions to enable people who need support to enjoy cycling in and around the New Forest.

Specialist cycles

Specialist bikes

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Specialist bikes with different seating positions, extra wheels and harness to provide support and stability. Please note that our bikes are NOT available for individual hire.

Led rides

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Year-round sessions, led by our qualified team. Enjoy traffic-free off-road cycling in the New Forest

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Latest guided cycle sessions

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Great fun! All ages and sizes Comfortable for the back and joints with no worries about balance
Kompact Kompact Kompact
Kompact Recumbent cyclesClick here for more info
Brilliant fun for ages 4 - 104 years! Tough, stable construction Simple, intuitive riding
go-kart go-kart go-kart
go-kart Go KartClick here for more info
Comfortable for the back and joints with no worries about balance Easy to control and get on/off Stable ride and upright seated stance
relaxino relaxino relaxino relaxino
relaxino Semi-recumbent cyclesClick here for more info
The passenger has a wide, supportive back-rest and can be strapped into the seat Good for developing pedalling technique and confidence Great for sighted and non-sighted, or stronger and weaker riders to use together
draisin-duo draisin-duo draisin-duo draisin-duo
draisin-duo Rear-steer tandem cyclesClick here for more info
Comfortable for the back and joints with no worries about balance Both riders sit side-by-side meaning communication is easy Electrical assist available
rear-steer rear-steer rear-steer rear-steer
rear-steer Side-by-side tandem cyclesClick here for more info
The passenger has a wide, supportive back-rest and can be strapped into the seat Pedalling can be set to fixed wheel or free wheel Wide wheelbase and low centre of gravity, ideal for riders with poor balance
draisin-neon draisin-neon draisin-neon draisin-neon
draisin-neon Upright cyclesClick here for more info
Hand-driven drive-train making it easy for those with little power or control in their legs Adjustable seat makes sure the cycle fits the rider well Electric assist available
hand-cycle hand-cycle hand-cycle
hand-cycle Hand cyclesClick here for more info
All ages and sizes Good quality mountain bikes Aspirational for some, just great fun for others
mountain-bike mountain-bike mountain-bike
mountain-bike Mountain bikesClick here for more info
Five-point vest and safety harness, head support and footrests Suitable for those who cannot power a cycle independently but love the thrilling sensation of cycling Stable and secure, great for all ages
draisin-plus draisin-plus draisin-plus draisin-plus
draisin-plus Wheelchair cyclesClick here for more info
Electric assist to help take the strain Simply roll your wheelchair on to the front No need for hoisting or transfering
relaxino relaxino relaxino relaxino
Platform Bike Platform bikeClick here for more info
  • kompact
  • go kart
  • draisin relaxino
  • draisin duo
  • rear steer
  • draisin neon
  • hand cycle
  • mountain bike
  • draisin plus
  • platform bike

Inclusive Cycling in the New Forest

Inclusive cycling aims to make cycling available to anyone no matter what challenges they may face

The project makes use of a wide range of adapted bikes which offer different seating positions; have three or four wheels to increase stability and straps and harnesses to help support body weight.

Located in the New Forest National Park:

The New Forest National Park is a popular destination for cycling due to 100 miles of off-road cycle-tracks, stunning scenery and beautiful wildlife. PEDALL provides guided rides and personal support, transporting the adapted bikes to the start point so all rides take place in a traffic free environment.

Who can attend?

PEDALL – New Forest Inclusive Cycling provides guided rides for people with a disability or learning difficulty, our cycles are also suitable for people who face other challenges to accessing cycling such as age or health condition. As an inclusive activity we encourage family members, friends and carers to join in and share the experience of cycling in the New Forest National Park.

We also offer Group rides for Schools, Colleges, Care groups and Residential homes. We run single sessions, 6 week programmes, or we can arrange regular rides throughout the year, either weekly or monthly.

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