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Inclusive cycling in the New Forest.

PEDALL aims to make cycling available to anyone no matter what challenges they may face.

We have one of the most diverse fleets of specialist cycles in the country, which offer different seating positions, have three or four wheels to increase stability, and use straps and harnesses to help support body weight to accommodate a range of disabilities.

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Located in the New Forest National Park

The New Forest National Park is a popular destination for cycling due to 100 miles of off-road cycle tracks, stunning scenery, and beautiful wildlife. PEDALL provides guided rides and personal support.

Who can attend?

PEDALL provides guided rides for people of all ages with physical or intellectual disabilities, social or mental wellbeing needs, a visible or unseen condition, or living with a health diagnosis.

Our rides can help with recovery from a life-changing injury or illness such as a stroke, meningitis or MS, which may have a physical or psychological impact on day-to-day life. Our cycles are suitable for many different people who face challenges accessing cycling and the New Forest National Park.

As an inclusive activity we encourage family members, friends and carers to join in and share the experience of cycling in the New Forest National Park. In addition to our group rides, we also offer rides for schools, colleges, care groups and residential homes as well as one-to-one sessions. We run single sessions, six-week programmes, or we can arrange regular rides throughout the year.

Take a look at the PEDALL offroad cycle loop at Burley

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