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Cycle Code

Welcome to the New Forest: a beautiful, tranquil and environmentally sensitive place enjoyed by local residents and visitors alike. Mutual respect and courtesy are essential to enable those with different interests to enjoy the Forest together.

The New Forest is a working forest, with forestry, farming and equestrian activity on its narrow roads and tracks. Ponies, cattle and other animals are free to roam the Forest and most of its roads. Be aware that animals are easily startled and may suddenly move into your path.

Off road cycling in the New Forest is permitted only on certain routes. Please take a look at our Cycling Routes for more information on this.

To assist you in making the most of cycling in the New Forest, we ask that you please follow both the Highway Code and this New Forest Cycling Code which is supported by cycling groups and local organisations.

If you are cycling in an organised event, follow the additional instructions to minimise your impact.

Be considerate

Be safe