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Side-by-side tandem

Side-by-side tandem

Sighted and non-sighted or stronger and weaker riders can try a side-by-side tricycle together.

Semi-reclined position

– Can make cycling much easier for those with joint pain (in legs or wrists) or those who are overweight
– Low-slung frame – easier to get on/off for those with limited mobility

Sociable riding

– Both riders sit side-by-side meaning communication is easy
– Passenger pedalling is optional – opportunity for progression

Wide wheelbase

– Stable when stationary or moving
– Ideal for riders with poor balance

Strong and reliable

– Strong wheels and mountain biking tyres – ideal for New Forest cycle tracks

Adjustable seats

– Seats can be adjusted to ensure a comfortable fit for both riders

On the PedALL fleet: 1 x Cheetah side-by-side (suitable for 11+ years)


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