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Semi-recumbent cycles

Semi-recumbent cycles

Like a recumbent cycle but not so far to go down to reach the seat!
  • Semi-reclined position
    –   Can make cycling much easier for those with joint pain (in legs or wrists) or those who are overweight
    –   Less reclined than a recumbent tricycle, making it easier to get on/off for those with limited mobility
  • Three wheels
    –   Stable when stationary or moving
  • Low centre of gravity and a secure seat
    –   Help the rider to feel comfortable, with minimal chance of overturning
    –   The seat can be adjusted to make the rider comfortable
  • Easy to control
    –   Our Relaxino is steered using two handles, which put the brakes and gears within easy reach
    –   Great for people who have limited experience of cycling and/or find balancing a challenge
    –   The rider can feel the sensation of speed whilst also feeling safe
  • Strong and reliable
    –   Can be used on both smooth and loose terrain, as is found in the New Forest

On the PedALL fleet:
–   1 x Draisin Relaxino (suitable for 8 years +)

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