Terms and Conditions

This opportunity is led by experienced staff at a suitable ratio of staff to participants.

We ask that all participants agree to accept a few basic codes of conduct to ensure that these sessions remain enjoyable and beneficial to all.

We ask that:                                                                                                                                   

In addition, I will decide whether I and/or those in my care wear a helmet during the session. If wearing a helmet, it must fit properly (session staff can assist with this). I am responsible for any injury that may occur as a consequence of wearing, or not wearing a helmet. If I do decide that I/those in my care wear a helmet it will conform to one of the following standards. BS6863, AS2063.86, ANSIZ90.4, SNELL B90 or B95.

You will be asked to accept the above and complete a monitoring form on arrival at your first session. This is compulsory.

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